How to Get Children to Play Outside

outdoor play

People have been spending less time outside in recent years. As modern technology evolved, many of the younger generations grew up playing with mobile devices and enjoying broadband connections that allow them access to a treasure trove of information, entertainment, and more. The digital world has become so interesting that more and more people are spending more time connected on the Internet or stuck in front of television or computer screens watching their favorite shows.

There is nothing wrong with using technology for learning or entertainment. But too much digital consumption has further alienated many people from the outside world. Many children prefer playing with mobile devices or video games than spending time outdoors. On the upside, there has been a growing clamor to encourage kids to play outside. And it seems to be working both at the home front and in day cares or schools. Not all children may be excited with the idea of playing outside in the beginning. But luckily, there are certain things parents, teachers, and other child care givers can do to get them to play outside and have an enjoyable experience.

Enjoy camping at home. Nothing substitutes to spending a night in a tent surrounded by nature. But going camping is not something you can just do on a whim, especially with busy schedules to consider. Most of the time, you may have to plan and put it in your calendar first. However, it does not mean you cannot provide a somewhat similar experience to your children. You can camp right at your own backyard, gaze at the stars, tell stories, or even perhaps play some games.

Let kids go treasure hunting. Plan a treasure hunt for kids in your neighborhood. Do it in a nearby park or in your community. This is a game or challenge that not only gets children to play outside. It can also hone their problem solving skills.

Teach them to grow their own food. Gardening is a great activity for grown-ups and children alike. It has many beneficial benefits. Growing a garden is an excellent activity for children. If you do not have the space for a garden, you can explore urban gardening using small boxes or pots where you can encourage children to take care of herbs, flowers, or food plants.

Allow them to enjoy supervised outdoor play. Most adults do not allow children to climb trees for fear of accidents. But children could be missing out on one of the most fun things they can do during their early years. Allow them to take risks while making sure that you are constantly looking out for them. Teaching them not to climb trees unsupervised is important. But you have to give them the freedom to do so if they wish when you or other adults are with them.